Development by Nesalis Games, Arena Renovation just released on Steam. As understood from the name this is a restoration simulation game. In Arena Renovation, you restore sports areas that are destroyed by time. If you’re struggling with what’s going on and have no idea what you have to do, we give good and effective tips to make easier your gameplay in this Arena Renovation beginner guide.

Arena Renovation Beginner Guide (Tips And Tricks)

Most gamers know is how hard to start a new game. Especially, learn to simulation games could be difficult when there isn’t any instruction or not enough instruction. But Arena Renovation has beginner-friendly gameplay and missions. The missions tell you what you have to do and teach you, basic mechanics. And we will give you the best tips and tricks to faster growth in this Arena Renovation beginner guide.

Follow The Missions

After starting the game you will see wrecked rooms. Walk into the room to get first mission. You will see your missions on the left side. The missions are the key to regular growth in simulation games like this. While you doing the missions you can earn some gold and experience points in the game. In addition, the missions are good to learn some game mechanics too. Follow the steps and clean the room.

Make Sure You Complete Everything

You have to check out the room info after cleaning to understand whether you are done or not. The room info window gives some information about cleanliness, renovation, and furnishing. You should do 100% to all of them for a great restoration process. If one of them is less than 100% you must missed something and you have to find this.

The Skills Are Significant

Arena Renovation has an extensive skill point system. While you restore the areas you get some experience points. After collecting enough experience you will level up and earn skill points. The skills improve efficiency that’s why we suggest being careful to spend these skill points. You can spend them on three different paths.

If you want to get more experience points and extra cash you can spend the skills on trash hold, experience, or cash perks. On the other hand, you can decrease restoring time with unlock to long hands, instant trash removal, or run twice fast perks. And the last one is general skills. There are a lot of skills and you can make a choice about which one is good for your gameplay style.

Watch Out For Your Budget While Buying Furnish

After restoring walls, floors, and doors you need to buy new furnish. In the beginning, you got limited money that’s why you should take care of your budget. You have to buy the cheapest furnish for decorating areas. In this way, you can save money to buy pricy furnish next time.

Try To Fill Up Arena Progress

As you clean the floor, throw trash, rebuild to walls the arena progress bar start to fill up. If you are filling enough this bar you will get more money and experience points. We suggest fill up this bar to silver at least. In this way you can growth up quickly.

We gave some tips & tricks pass easily early game in this Arena Renovation beginner guide. Hope you enjoyed while you reading our guide. If you want to support this indie game you can buy on Steam. Have Fun!