Brotato is a top-down arena shooter roguelike where you play a potato wielding up to 6 weapons at a time to fight off hordes of aliens. These types of games became very popular, especially this year. After the success of Spellbook Demonslayers and Vampire Survivors, fans were eager to play a game that has the feel and the satisfaction of the same genre.

Regardless, the Brotato offers a unique playstyle and a chance to improve your character and its stats while beating your enemies with a stick(yes a stick!)

Unique Play Style

Compared to the other roguelike types of games, Brotato offers you to choose a Potato class, which varies from getting the buffs for your melee or ranged weapons to disabling your weapons or forcing you to play with very strict rules.

brotato gameplay

You can be a Mage Potato and focus on spell damage or choose to be a Soldier to shoot your enemies with guns and rockets. Some Potatoes even have names such as One Armed, Lazy, Dumb and Savage.

Every Win Matters!

Winning a run in Brotato with the higher difficulty setting will at least unlock one character per difficulty. Each setting can also introduce new enemies and game mechanics as well as new items for your Potato to wear and use.

Weapons such as Nuclear Gun force you to play and win a couple of runs.


Brotato is a very good time killer if you are in a rush or urge to play a short game. However, this also means that you can not play the same character for more than 20 rounds. After you reach round 20, you will encounter a boss and by defeating it your run will be finished. If you get lucky and encounter good items in your run, the fun will end after you kill the boss, which is a mood killer for most people.

What Can Be Improved

This game can really use some new content as well as new mods.

If you ask us we definitely think that an Endless Mode should be implemented to the game.

New maps and new game mods will bring joy to the players as well as to the people who stream and watch the game.

New Potatoes are starting to appear with recent updates and we even have a suggestion for a new class.

brotato classes


Class Name: Old Fashioned

Upsides: Start with +50 Health, +50 Luck, +25 Harvesting, +25 Dodge

Downsides: You can not lock or reroll.


Class Name: Broker

Upsides: Start with +500 Resource and get %25 more XP from every monster.

Downsides: Locked items will be %50 more expensive for each round they are locked. You can wear 4 weapons but every weapons type must be different.

To Summarize

Brotato is one of the best in its genre with great classes, fun and fast gameplay compared to the other roguelike indie games and constant updates make the game much more playable with each win giving you new items and classes. For its worth which is $4.99, we highly recommend playing this game when you have an urge to play another roguelike.