You will have a lot of fun while spending time with Founder’s Fortune, one of the sweetest of the colony and city building games. Founder’s Fortune is a game that is known for building and colony simulation, but is actually a creative survival. You can feel yourself in another world with the graphics and characters in this game, which is a completely indie game.

About Founder’s Fortune

First of all, we have to say that this game was developed by Dionic Software. According to an indie games maker, we can say that they did a pretty good job. This game, which we have encountered many times as early access, was recently released as a full version.

Our first priority on this adventure we started on a small island is to survive. At the beginning of the game, we choose 2 characters. With these characters, we are taking the first steps of our own colony and civilization. In addition to dangerous creatures on the island, there are dangerous species such as goblins. Of course, they are hostile to us because we have invaded their homes. That’s why we need to be very careful as our colony grows.

founders fortune colony

We need not only to fight the enemies, but also to fight against the most important factors of survival, such as hunger and thirst. In this process, we can collect food, establish our own fields, or go hunting.

founders fortune characters

We mentioned earlier that we started our colony with 2 characters. As our village gradually grows, ships that see our flag and new colonists send requests to join. Do not rush to grow fast at this point. Each character has their own unique traits. Among these traits, you should choose the characters that are most suitable for your playing style. In this way, you can achieve the balance that will allow you to survive.

Founder’s Fortune System Requirements

You don’t need a high spec system to play Founder’s Fortune. The game has a nice optimizations as well as sweet graphics. In this way, it can be easily played on many systems. So, what are the system requirements for Founder’s Fortune?

Windows/macOSMinimum System RequirementsRecommended System Requirements
Graphics CardIntel HD 4000Geforge GTX 960
HDD500 MB Avaible Space500 MB Avaible Space
OS64 Bit OS64 Bit OS
Notes:Playeble with 30 FPSPlayeble with 60 FPS
Founder’s Fortune Minimum and Recommended System Requirements

Where can you get the Founder’s Fortune?

If you want to buy the game (Founder’s Fortune), there is a price of 22$. If it’s expensive for you, you can wait for discount times. During these times, it can become 50% off.

To sum it up, Founder’s Fortune is pretty good for spending time in your spare time. Even with limited content.. It has an immersive and addictive atmosphere. You get a completely different taste when you identify with the characters and love them. Maybe you want to give it a shot! Have fun ^^