Freedom Planet 2 was released 2 days ago and in a short time get too many positive comments on Steam. If you like playing casual platformer games, this game is your game. We going to talk about the gameplay of this game in this Freedom Planet 2 review.

Freedom Planet 2 Review

Freedom Planet 2 will be our guest in this review. This game is a recently released indie game. There is mixed gameplay (Sonic and Mega Man X) and a really good pixel art design. In addition, Freedom Planet 2 controls are feeling comfortable.

Developer: GalaxyTrail

Steam URL:

freedom planet 2 review gameplay

Freedom Planet 2 Gameplay

We want to talk about the gameplay style of this game. Players can play with 4 different characters again and again. You will see more than 100 NPC for conversations. In addition, there are too many challenges that players can do it.

Most gamers don’t like cutscenes and they pass them quickly. Even so, there are gamers who like cutscenes. Freedom Planet 2 gives two different options to players that are they can choose game mode. Those are Adventure and Classic. If you select Adventure you will see too many cutscenes. On the other hand, if you select the Classic mode you can remove cutscenes.

Level Design

freedom planet 2 review system requirements

Freedom Planet 2 has level to level linear level design. You can explore the world map with complete all levels one by one. There aren’t too many levels but every single level going to feel good to players. High-quality dang music and great art improve your game experience. Every level has secrets to explore. Some records to find, restore the museum, 8 bits mini-games.

Freedom Planet 2 Review: Boss Fight

We should talk about boss fights in Freedom Planet 2 review. Because these fights are very important to complete the level and story. This game’s combat mechanics and boss fights are similar to Mega Man. You need to focus on boss moves because if you miss your hit or take too much damage you can lose your 1 health in-game.

Freedom Planet 2 System Requirements

This game builds on 2D pixel art graphics. Therefore doesn’t need to high-end PC to play this game. Well, What are the Freedom Planet 2 system requirements?

  • Minimum System Requirements
    • Processor: SSE2 instruction set support
    • Graphics: Any graphic card
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Storage: 3 GB available space

We talked about the gameplay of this game in our Freedom Planet 2 review. Platformer games are not popular these days but indie game developers make games for this game genre. We are proud of them for it. If you want to support them you can buy their game.